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    A collaboration with artist Alex Steele

    A collaboration with artist Alex Steele

    I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to pick favorites, but I’m going to go ahead and say that this just might be my favorite collection to date- our Mid Century Mod collection.

     This line of rad dog collars and leashes was born via a collaboration with badass Oakland based designer, artist and, friend Alex Steele.

    Steele’s line of super original, minimalist funk vêtements (that's fancy for clothes) have a real effortless confidence to them, and I’ve long been a fan. For this collection, we wanted to create a cohesive mix and match line inspired by natural patterns, and the simplification of what has been done before.   

     Each piece retains the wabi-sabi richness of handmade materials and was brought to life using traditional block print and hand-painting methods. 

      After working with Alex to hone down to our favorite prints, we paired with contrast stitching for that mix and match feel, reinforced with industrial strength nylon and solid brass hardware for hardiness. And as always, this collection has been made in California with love for our very special doggos.

    A Fond Farewell to a Friend

    A Fond Farewell to a Friend
     Maybe you knew of Yogi, met Yogi, or have no who I'm talking about.. but Yogi was my dog, my best friend, and the reason I started Beast and Babe. After 11 years together (and a few more before that) he died peacefully in my arms last month on the summer solstice after an exceptionally wonderful life. 

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    PSST... Remember those things called flowers? Hang in there, Spring is right around the Corner!


    BEAST AND BABE STYLE Spring has sprung, which means new stuff. Like new baby birds, new flowers and new seasons of house of cards! We love new stuff. New stuff is what keeps the world in motion but in celebration of new stuff we want to take a moment to appreciate old stuff. Stuff with a story behind it, stuff that was once new but now has had some wild adventure-time under its belt and maybe even gotten some wisdoms (kinda like how much better your haircut decisions are today than they were at senior prom).  

    Quality Dog Collar Vintage Supply Our company is still pretty new in the scheme of things (this June will mark our one year anniversary of opening our online store- hooray!). However just about a year ago today we sold our very first collar to our roommates and their adopted 6 month old puppy Kaya. Turns out Kaya, being a puppy, really liked playing, and rolling in dirt at dogparks, and falling off small cliffs at Runyon canyon. Her Ellie collar went with her on all those adventures and we’re pretty happy to report that somehow, one year of daily adventures later, that first collar we sold still looks pretty damn rad. 

    So enjoy your goods, wander far and wide, wash, rinse and repeat and when you’re ready to expand your collection, check out some these new additions with some stories to tell- like the Teenage Mutant Collar and Lead, part of a vintage wool serape in rad shades of green.   Or the Huaysca Dream collar, part of a gorgeous handwoven vintage wrap dress from tribal Guatemala. Sure, they’re kinda new but they already have some rad stories to tell, just like the rest of us.


    Happy wandering.






    Cool vintage dog leash in Shades of Green



    New Years Resolution: Less, but Better

      This year, instead of adding    more “to-dos” to our New  Years resolution list, we're  taking a cue from Yogi and  focusing on doing less.

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