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On Coping with the death of a Dog

This isn’t the first time I’ve lost a dog that I love, and unfortunately it won’t be the last. The death of someone you love, of someone who loves you, sucks, always. And it’s sad. Yesterday my mom had to “put down” our 13 year old, big fuzzy pup, Marley. I hate the banality of that phrase, “put down,”  but I can’t muster a better way to put it.  And while maybe there’s more perspective in the mix now than when I was 9,  it still makes me feel the loss of every animal friend I’ve ever had. --- I found Marley when I was 15 years old, it was a few days after a big hurricane and it was...

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PSST... Remember those things called flowers? Hang in there, Spring is right around the Corner!

  Spring has sprung, which means new stuff. Like new baby birds, new flowers and new seasons of house of cards! We love new stuff. New stuff is what keeps the world in motion but in celebration of new stuff we want to take a moment to appreciate old stuff. Stuff with a story behind it, stuff that was once new but now has had some wild adventure-time under its belt and maybe even gotten some wisdoms (kinda like how much better your haircut decisions are today than they were at senior prom).   Our company is still pretty new in the scheme of things (this June will mark our one year anniversary of opening our online store- hooray!). However just about...

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Yogi learns to skateboard... kinda

I know you are mostly reading this because you want to know if  Yogi wears a backwards hat while he skateboards, so no worries, we'll get to that. But first we wanted to let you in on some *brand-spanking-new* badass stuff we're releasing! Ya! Original BEAST + BABE collar in "Shades of Pretty Flowers", shown in size S/M We're also introducing two more limited-supply pieces, "Open Rhythms" a hand embroidered Hill Tribe piece in an especially gorgeous design. It looks extra stunning on dogs with darker coloring. AND FINALLY- While he hasn't learned to do anything other than sit on the board and look cool, that's 90% of the game in our book, so we're still impressed....

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