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    New Years Resolution: Less, but Better

      This year, instead of adding    more “to-dos” to our New  Years resolution list, we're  taking a cue from Yogi and  focusing on doing less.

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    Hide & Steak

    Growing up as an only child I’ve been playing games with my dogs since before I realized I wasn’t one.

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    Yogi learns to skateboard... kinda

    I know you are mostly reading this because you want to know if  Yogi wears a backwards hat while he skateboards, so no worries, we'll get to that. But first we wanted to let you in on some *brand-spanking-new* badass stuff we're releasing! Ya!

    Original BEAST + BABE collar in "Shades of Pretty Flowers", shown in size S/M

    We're also introducing two more limited-supply pieces, "Open Rhythms" a hand embroidered Hill Tribe piece in an especially gorgeous design. It looks extra stunning on dogs with darker coloring.


    While he hasn't learned to do anything other than sit on the board and look cool, that's 90% of the game in our book, so we're still impressed....