About Us

Hi, my name's Kelsie and on this website, you will find many photos of my bestie Yogi (he's a dog). I started Beast and Babe in the summer of 2014 by making a dog leash for Yogi, that turned out super cool, so I kept making more. Our collection of California- Modern dog goods celebrates the subtle magic between funky and refined, vintage and modern, beasts and babes. We love what we do and we love the items we make, we strive to make top quality items that you too will love in your daily life with dogs.  

About our Process:

We use quality ingredients in every stage our crafting process because we think we all have enough "stuff". We believe the items you buy should be things you love that are well made and will look good with wear. We carefully source the coolest handmade and vintage fabrics we can find and pair with patina'd solid brass hardware. We then reinforce each item with quad stitching and industrial strength nylon in our Los Angeles studio. 

Part of our Mission

We're also passionate about animals and how special they make life. We’re partnered with a non-profit called Peace Animals who works to spay and neuter homeless and neglected dogs and cats in Mexico. With every item purchased, we are able to provide treatment and vaccinations for fleas, ticks, worms and mange to an animal in need. 

We hope you enjoy our goods as much as we enjoy creating them.  

Happy Wandering,

Kelsie + Yogi (Founder and Chief Dog Muse)