About our Sizing: 


Slip Collar Sizing: 

Collars should be a close fit over your pups head and hang comfortably around his or her neck. When fitted properly the collar will not slip off your pup whether they are on a leash or not.

When walking on a leash you have the option of attaching a leash to one of the brass rings to use the collar as a "slip collar," or you can attach a leash to both of the brass rings to have a collar that is fixed in size and will not tighten (see photos above). 

To ensure you order the right size, measure around the widest part of your dogs head and neck. The size you order will need to fit over that measurement. ((So if your pups head is 12.5" inches around, order a 13.5" collar. If his neck is 22" and his head is 19", order a 23" collar.))

If you're still having an anxiety attack trying to make a decision, don't fret- we offer free exchanges within 14 days of purchase. 

We can also do custom sizes, just enter your request on check out. Please keep in mind that we are unable to offer returns or exchanges on custom sizes at this time. 

Buckle Collar Sizing:

Unlike our slip collars, buckle collars can open up so measurement only needs to be taken at your dog's neck.


XS: 9"- 12" neck 

S : 12"-15" neck 

M : 15"- 19" neck 

L: 19"- 23" neck 

XL Avail upon request !

Leashes: We offer two size leashes. S/M and M/L. Both are approx 4.5' in length. The biggest difference is that the S/M leashes have lighter hardware and a slightly thinner profile, recommended for pups 15- 30lbs. or under, or on preference.