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      Size Guide

      The Buckle collar should fit comfortably around your pups neck. Size is in inches and refers to the collar length once buckled around your pups neck.

      XS S M L XL
      9-12" 11-15" 14-19" 18-23" 22-17"

      The Slip collar must fit comfortably over your pups head and neck. Size is in inches and refers to the length of the collar (*note this collar does not open)

      XS S S/M M M/L L L/XL XXL
      12" 13.5" 15" 17" 19" 21" 23" 26"

      All of our leashes are our sweet spot 5' length. The S/M dog leash has lighter hardware and a thinner profile and is recommended for dogs under 25lbs. The M/L leash is our original size leash and is recommended for dogs over 25lbs. 

      S/M M/L
      Dogs < 25lbs Dogs > 25lbs